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Minute Taking - Open Course - 1 Day - 11/07/2012
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Minute Taking


Format: Open Course
Start Date: 11/07/2012
Duration: 1 Day
Location: Central London

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Minute taking is an essential skill in the workplace today, and good quality minute taking is an asset in great demand. Many people struggle with minute taking simply because they have not been given the tools and confidence to do it. And yet, there is often pressure on the minute-taker to get it right - to produce a clear and concise document that serves as an official record.

This course will instruct delegates in a range of skills and techniques to enable them to take, to write up and to present minutes more effectively and confidently. No prior experience is necessary - we will give you the opportunity to practice your new skills, and we'll show you how to take the pain out of minute taking!

It is particularly recommended for anyone required to take formal minutes or notes at meetings on behalf of their company - whether they are a beginner, or an 'old-hand' who would like to increase their confidence and skills.

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Price: £395.00 + vat

Course Code: MIN04
Number of Places: Make a Booking Now
Reviews / Comments
I can't believe I'm looking forward to taking minutes!
"I've always hated taking minutes and didn't really want to go on a minute taking course because it would have meant that I had no excuse for not taking minutes at our team meetings! But I'm so pleased I went because not only was the trainer fantastic and the other attendees really friendly too but I came away with some brilliant tips and tools for making minute taking a breeze. I definitely recommend it to anyone who hates minute taking."
May 05 2012, 09:48 AMby Stacey Hawkes

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