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Emotional Intelligence at Work Course Outline

Emotional Intelligence at Work Open Course 

Course Outline

This course will equip delegates with the skills and knowledge for the practical application of Emotional Intelligence in the workplace. It will help delegates to understand themselves and others better, and will give an insight into how to build productive and professional relationships at work. It is recommended for anyone who would like to learn how emotions affect performance at work, and how to use practical but effective strategies to manage emotions in difficult situations.

Organisations of all sizes are increasingly recognising the key role that 'Emotional Intelligence' (EQ) has in the effectiveness of the organisation at all levels. Managers and team leaders are required to fulfil a much broader remit - not just to have technical or specialist expertise, but also to have a range of personal attributes and abilities; team members need to be able to co-operate and to work effectively with their colleagues and managers; and front-line staff need to be able to deal professionally with difficult/stressful situations with customers and suppliers.


  • To enable delegates to develop confidence and skills to behave and communicate effectively in a wide range of situations
  • To focus on key issues and challenges relating to the development and application of Emotional Intelligence at work, including: developing, maintaining and applying Self Awareness; Social Awareness; Self Management and Relationship Management.
  • To introduce powerful and flexible tools and techniques for behaving and communicating effectively, whatever the participants’ previous experience or circumstances
  • To facilitate the development of strategies for improving delegates’ ongoing personal development
  • To cover essential topics in a relatively short time, whilst ensuring an immediate impact 


Participants will:

  • Increase their self-awareness
  • Deal more confidently and professionally with emotions in themselves and others
  • Handle difficult inter-personal issues more confidently and effectively
  • Develop personal credibility and influencing skills
  • Build stronger working relationships with others 

The organisation will:

  • Improve internal communication
  • Have more effective team players
  • Have more confident and competent individuals
  • Experience the benefits of more positive working relationships
  • Decrease workplace stress


Use of emotions – Identifying examples of using emotions at work both positively and negatively and considering the wider consequences of each.

Emotional Intelligence at Work – Developing an understanding of the value and exact nature of Emotional Intelligence in the working environment.

Key competencies – Understanding the key competencies that make up emotionally intelligent behaviour, including: Self Awareness; Social Awareness; Self Management and Relationship Management.

Self-development exercises – Introducing and practicing a range of specific exercises to enhance each key area of emotional intelligence (Can be linked into results of psychometric test results if required).

Applying the skills and techniques - Considering a range of typical situations in which enhanced emotional intelligence will positively influence the outcomes for all involved. This can include use of scenarios, simulations and role-play exercises as required.

Personal Development Planning - Identifying continuing personal development needs and extending learning into the workplace through a detailed action plan.


“It helped lots with confidence and gave me various options for handling difficult situations.”

“I found it really helpful to be able to talk through issues personal to me and it was nice to be able to talk through my fears without worrying about what a group might think of me.”

“Thanks very much for the training I found it really useful (and I promise to let you know how the difficult meeting goes)”

“It was especially useful that the session drew from my own experiences – it provided practical solutions and wasn’t too theoretical” 


We understand that training is an investment - not just in terms of the cost, but also in time. We are therefore committed to providing excellent value by ensuring that our open courses are competitively priced. Unlike other inexpensive open/public courses, we deliberately restrict the number of places so you can rest assured that the training will be focused on the needs of every delegate, and will be an effective learning experience.
Fees are fully inclusive of:

  • Course tuition / materials
  • Workbook, with comprehensive reference materials / proformas
  • Lunch / refreshments
  • Personal action planning
  • Certification (on request)
  • Follow-up support (on request). 

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