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Excellent Customer Service Course Outline

Excellent Customer Service Open Course 

Course Outline

Whatever the organisation, excellent customer service is the basis for sustained success - whether profit making or not-for-profit, all organisations are accountable for their customers’ satisfaction. Whether the customer is external, and purchasing/receiving products or services, or internal, and dependent on colleagues for the provision of information or services, meeting the expectations of customers is key to survival. When there is customer loyalty, the customer retention rate is high and business results tend to follow. Conversely, dissatisfied customers are believed to tell eight to sixteen others by word of mouth about their dissatisfaction, or thousands of others through the internet.

This course will enable participants to meet the ever-increasing needs of their customers. It will show participants how to make a good first impression, and how to develop and maintain ongoing relationships based on trust and high quality communication that will bring long-term success to the organisation. The course will use a range of relevant, powerful and motivating activities that draw on participants’ own experiences and that generate ideas to make improvements to the way they work with and respond to their customers.


  • Assist the organisation to increase maximum performance through improved customer service
  • Introduce powerful and flexible tools for use by both individuals and teams within the organisation, whatever their previous experience or circumstances.
  • Enable participants to become more knowledgeable, effective, and motivated in their roles through the development of customer service skills.
  • Focus on key issues and challenges relating to effective customer service.
  • Accommodate a range of learning styles, by including a variety of group challenges, practical exercises, opportunities for personal assessment, and presentation of key techniques and strategies. 


Participants will:

  • Have a better understanding of customers’ needs
  • Handle “difficult” customers more effectively and confidently
  • Become more customer focussed in their work
  • Become more aware of the link between good customer service and organisational success
  • Learn the importance of team work in customer care 

The organisation will:

  •  Immediately improve customer service levels
  • Generate a significant difference in customer perception
  • Improve sales results


What is Customer Service? – Identifying the tangible and intangible aspects of customer care, including making a good first impression, developing and maintaining an effective on-going relationship, and dealing effectively and professionally with difficulties and complaints.

Improving customer relations through effective communication – Assessing the importance of using good communication skills to forge positive customer relationships, and considering how we influence the behaviour of our customers through our own behaviour.

Identifying and meeting customer needs - Assessing the needs of different customers and what is required in order to meet these needs. Includes learning how to listen actively, even when on the telephone.

Identifying and dealing with different customer types – Developing an understanding of the different types of customers, and learning how to adapt your style to match them.

Dealing with “difficult” customers – Using simple yet effective techniques to deal with difficult incidents/difficult relationships

Handling customer complaints - Examining the cause of customer complaints and the principles for dealing with them effectively.

Action Planning - Identifying continuing personal development needs and extending learning into the workplace. 


“It helped me be more aware of who my customers are and the importance of knowing what they need and how to keep them satisfied”

“The course was well structured, and the facilitator gave excellent examples and played the devil’s advocate well”

“I learnt how to deal with attitudes over the phone and also to be honest and listen more”

“It was an excellent course and I did learn a lot”

“It introduced new ways and ideas of customer service and how it also involves the workforce as customers!”

“It helped reinforce how fundamental standards are to company success”

“The overall framework provided was excellent - all my expectations were met” 


We understand that training is an investment - not just in terms of the cost, but also in time. We are therefore committed to providing excellent value by ensuring that our open courses are competitively priced. Unlike other inexpensive open/public courses, we deliberately restrict the number of places so you can rest assured that the training will be focused on the needs of every delegate, and will be an effective learning experience.
Fees are fully inclusive of:

  • Course tuition / materials
  • Workbook, with comprehensive reference materials / proformas
  • Lunch / refreshments
  • Personal action planning
  • Certification (on request)
  • Follow-up support (on request).

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