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Minute Taking Course Outline

Minute Taking Open Course 

Course Outline

Minute taking is an essential skill in the workplace today, and good quality minute taking is an asset in great demand. Many people struggle with minute taking simply because they have not been given the tools and confidence to do it. And yet, there is often pressure on the minute-taker to get it right - to produce a clear and concise document that serves as an official record.

This course will instruct delegates in a range of skills and techniques to enable them to take, to write up and to present minutes more effectively and confidently. No prior experience is necessary - we will give you the opportunity to practice your new skills, and we'll show you how to take the pain out of minute taking!

It is particularly recommended for anyone required to take formal minutes or notes at meetings - whether they are a beginner, or an 'old-hand' who would like to increase their confidence and skills.


  • Enable delegates to develop confidence and skills to produce clear and concise minutes in a wide range of situations
  • Focus on key issues and challenges relating to minute taking, such as: listening and writing at the same time, ensuring clarity and impact, and using common minute taking conventions and layouts
  • Introduce powerful and flexible tools and techniques for effectively taking and presenting minutes, whatever the participants’ previous experience or circumstances
  • Facilitate the development of strategies for improving delegates’ ongoing personal development
  • Cover essential topics in a relatively short time, whilst ensuring an immediate impact


Participants will:

  • Write minutes in a more ordered and logical way
  • Develop skills in speedwriting
  • Develop tools for effectively recording speech
  • Become more efficient and confident at minute taking
  • Assimilate information in order to write up minutes with ease
  • Present minutes in a clear and understandable format

The organisation will:

  • Improve internal communication
  • Increase the quality of professional records of meetings
  • Reduce the time taken to clarify information
  • Save time and money by minimising misunderstandings, and by presenting accurate, easy to read documents


Why take minutes? – Minutes are a record of a meeting but why are they necessary? This module increases understanding by examining the role and function of minutes.

Preparing for minute taking - This module identifies the various things that a minute taker can do before a meeting that will help the process to be more effective and less stressful.

Templates for minutes - There is a selection of useful templates that can be used when recording speech, this module examines some of these.

Methods of note taking – including speedwriting – Improving speedwriting techniques can alleviate the pressure in fast moving meetings. Participants will be taught the basics and have the opportunity to try it out.

Identifying and selecting the main points - A practical exercise which enables participants to practice selecting the main points of a discussion or meeting.

Standard formats and styles – This module looks at the elements of formats and styles. Some organisations have a house style for minute taking, and this would be an opportunity to practice looking at this and using it to write up notes or minutes.

Comprehension – There are numerous standard phrases and words that are common to minute taking. This session looks at these and examines a range of words and phrases that can be used in order to be more precise with meanings and avoid repetition.

Minute taking practice – This minute taking session gives participants an opportunity to practice using the minute taking skills developed on the course so far.

Writing up minutes practice – Following on from the previous session, this module allows participants to practice writing up a set of minutes, using some of the skills learnt so far.

Personal development planning – extending learning back into the workplace


“The trainer helped lots with confidence, which is a lot of my problem. Also gave me various options and ways of capturing info.”

“The course met all my needs – it gave good hints and tips that will improve my minutes.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed the session and am looking forward to putting it into practice.”

“Being self-taught surprised me how much I already do correctly – but I still picked up lots of good tips for minutes especially more formal meetings.”


We understand that training is an investment - not just in terms of the cost, but also in time. We are therefore committed to providing excellent value by ensuring that our open courses are competitively priced. Unlike other inexpensive open/public courses, we deliberately restrict the number of places so you can rest assured that the training will be focused on the needs of every delegate, and will be an effective learning experience.
Fees are fully inclusive of:

  • Course tuition / materials
  • Workbook, with comprehensive reference materials / proformas
  • Lunch / refreshments
  • Personal action planning
  • Certification (on request)
  • Follow-up support (on request).

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