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Managing Your Manager Course Outline

Managing your Manager Course Outline

Course Outline

Effective management depends on the development and maintenance of a productive two-way relationship. This will only happen both people understand each other’s roles and
responsibilities, and have an ability to create a positive working dynamic. This course will
enable participants to consider their own responsibilities towards their manager, and to discover how they can play an effective part in ensuring a working relationship that is rewarding for themselves, their manager, their team and the organisation as a whole.


  • To enable participants to operate confidently and competently by developing key skills in relationship management
  • To focus on key issues and challenges relating to the relationship with a manager, such as: dealing with differences, understanding mutual roles and responsibilities, and maintaining a positive partnership approach
  • To introduce and promote the benefits of using an effective model of management and supervision that the supervisee can contribute to
  • To introduce powerful and flexible tools and techniques for effective relationship management whatever the participants’ previous experience or circumstances
  • To enable participants to increase awareness of their personal style, and the effect on their relationship with their manager
  • To facilitate the development of strategies for improving participants’ personal approach and building on their natural style


Participants will learn how to:

Identify personal responsibilities in the management relationship
Consider their manager’s style in relation to their own
Learn the value and nature of a high quality relationship with their manager
Identify areas of conflict, and how to proactively seek solutions
Develop a strategy for improving the quality of the relationship with their manager
Learn to make the best use of 1:1 supervision sessions

The organisation will:

Have more confident and competent staff
Have more motivated team members
Develop teams to their full potential
Reduce levels of conflict and stress
Improve staff retention


Positive working relationships - Identifying characteristics of good working relationships and understanding what ‘managing your manager’ is and isn’t about

Dealing with differences and difficulties – How to capitalise on commonalities; establish your relationship and respond positively to conflicts and difference in style

Supporting your manager – Using personal strengths to mutual advantage; sharing responsibility and outcomes

Assertiveness skills – Developing an honest and assertive communication style for positive effect

Responding to requests – Identifying familiar responses; balancing personal versus organisational interests; saying “no” without appearing unhelpful; accepting tasks without compromising other priorities

Utilising supervision sessions – Working within the groundrules; preparing thoroughly; using effective communication skills for mutual benefit

Accessing support – Being accountable for mistakes and admitting difficulties; helping your manager to help you; communicating your own progress

Personal development planning – extending learning back into the workplace


“There were lots of handouts and exercises to do which was good as it made you think about things more”
“Very helpful course, made me aware of issues I didn’t think of before and that we can
‘manage’ our manager”
“Extremely interesting – very well presented”
“I found it very useful thinking about it from both sides - being a manager and someone who is managed”
“I am looking forward to using the different methods of communication/ways of speaking in a more positive and less aggressive manner”


We understand that training is an investment - not just in terms of the cost, but also in time. We are therefore committed to providing excellent value by ensuring that our open courses are competitively priced. Unlike other inexpensive open/public courses, we deliberately restrict the number of places so you can rest assured that the training will be focused on the needs of every delegate, and will be an effective learning experience.

Fees are fully inclusive of:

  • Course tuition / materials
  • Workbook, with comprehensive reference materials / proformas
  • Lunch / refreshments
  • Personal action planning
  • Certification (on request)
  • Follow-up support (on request).

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