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Management and Leadership

Course Category: Management and Leadership

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Management and Leadership Image - signpost pointing you in the right directionHere is a brief overview of the courses that we have to offer in this category and how they will improve your  Mangement and Leadership skills:

Assertiveness for Team Leaders & Project Managers
This course will enable Team Leaders and Project Managers to achieve required results through clear and confident communication with their team members and key stakeholders. It will help them to develop an effective approach to influencing and motivating others to collaborate and cooperate as required, and will show them how to overcome the most common, but understandably the most frustrating people-based ‘road-blocks’ to success.
Effective Delegation
This course will enable managers and team leaders to achieve more at work and to empower colleagues by learning to delegate more effectively. It will help them to overcome any inhibitions about delegation, and demonstrate the benefits of delegating important and stretching tasks.
Effective Performance Management
This course will enable managers and team leaders to develop skills and strategies to optimise their team’s performance. It will give delegates a fresh perspective on how they can get the best from those they manage/supervise, through effective support, coaching, performance objectives and on-going supervision meetings.
Emotionally Intelligent Leadership
This course is designed specifically for leaders and managers who would like to fully utilise the key Emotional Intelligence leadership competencies that will help them to develop constructive and productive working relationships with those they manage/supervise. It will introduce the 18 EI leadership competencies described by Daniel Goleman as the key to successful leadership, and will help delegates to develop practical strategies to develop and implement these back in the workplace.
Influencing Skills
This course will enable participants to practice the necessary skills to fulfil their personal objectives, whilst maintaining strong, long-lasting professional relationships. It is particularly recommended for anyone required to manage, to motivate or to influence their colleagues, customers or suppliers.
Introduction to Project Management
This course will introduce practical techniques and methods for planning and controlling projects, providing participants with an easy to understand, pragmatic approach to project management. It will enable participants to approach their role with greater awareness and confidence, and will help them to recognise the key stages of their own on-going development as successful project managers.
Management and Supervision Skills
A packed and practical course that shows front-line managers how to break down their responsibilities into easily achievable stages of development, and to approach their role with confidence. It is particularly recommended for anyone new to the role of management and supervision, who is undertaking a management or team leadership role without having prior training or receiving specific support.
Managing Poor Performance
This course will enable participants to use appropriate formal and informal processes of support, training & development, meetings and reviews to enable performance to get back on track and to avoid escalating problems for everyone involved.
Managing Under Pressure
The workplace is becoming ever more demanding and hectic, resulting in increasing pressure and levels of stress. This course will enable participants to maximise efficiency and productivity, and minimise stress, by managing their own and/or their team’s time effectively.
Negotiation Skills
This course will enable participants to explore and develop the skills of effective negotiation to enable them to work towards achieving win/win outcomes from negotiating externally with other organisations, customers and suppliers, and internally, within day-to-day routine discussions with colleagues.

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Management and Supervision Skills Management and Supervision Skills - 2 Days - 06/12/2012
A packed and practical 2-day course that provides front-line managers with practical support and guidance to develop the…
Book Info
Effective Delegation Skills Effective Delegation Skills - 1 Day - 10/12/2012
Delegation is an important feature of many workplace relationships and the need for effective delegation is on the incre…
Book Info
Assertiveness for Team Leaders Assertiveness for Team Leaders - 1 Day - 11/12/2012
Effective team leadership and project management involves working effectively with people: colleagues, reports, more sen…
Book Info
Emotionally Intelligent Leadership Emotionally Intelligent Leadership - 1 Day - 14/12/2012
Organisations of all sizes are increasingly recognising the key role that 'Emotional Intelligence' (EI) has in t…
Book Info
Managing Poor Performance Managing Poor Performance - 1 Day - 18/12/2012
Managing poor performance is a responsibility that most managers find at best unpleasant, and at worst, extremely daunti…
Book Info

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