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Personal Effectiveness

Course Category: Personal Effectiveness

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Personal Effectiveness ImageHere is a brief overview of the courses that we have to offer in this category and how they will improve your Personal Effectiveness: 

Emotional Intelligence at Work
This course will equip delegates with the skills and knowledge for the practical application of Emotional Intelligence in the workplace, including: Self-awareness, Self-management, Motivation, Empathy and Social Competence. It will help delegates to understand themselves and others better, and will give an insight into how to build productive and professional relationships at work.
It Pays to Complain
This course is designed to empower individuals with external and internal suppliers to achieve desired outcomes through perfecting the art of effective feedback/complaint making when the services provided are not up to scratch. The focus is on creating and maintaining professional and productive partnerships between providers and customers through positive communication and feedback/complaint techniques.
Managing Under Pressure
The workplace is becoming ever more demanding and hectic, resulting in increasing pressure and levels of stress. This course will enable participants to maximise efficiency and productivity, and minimise stress, by managing their own and/or their team’s time effectively.
Negotiation Skills
This course will enable participants to explore and develop the skills of effective negotiation to enable them to work towards achieving win/win outcomes from negotiating externally with other organisations, customers and suppliers, and internally, within day-to-day routine discussions with colleagues.
Personal Development Planning
This course will provide participants with the framework and inspiration to work out what they want from their careers and how to make the best of opportunities for training and development. It will enable them to discover how to formulate their own goals and ambitions and will help them to identify and utilise a wide range of formal and informal development opportunities and processes, often not considered.
Time Management
Developing skills in effective time management can have a significant impact on productivity, and can help to ensure that individuals and teams remain healthy and motivated. This course provides delegates with the practical and realistic support to help maximise their personal efficiency and productivity. It shows delegates how to manage themselves, their tasks and their relationships effectively by introducing powerful and flexible tools that are simple to integrate into a daily, weekly and monthly routine.

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Personal Development Planning Personal Development Planning - 1 Day - 12/11/2012
Organisations clearly benefit from having individuals who deliberately plan their on-going development, and pursue oppor…
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Managing Your Manager Managing Your Manager - 1 Day - 28/11/2012
Effective management depends on the development and maintenance of a productive two-way relationship. This will only hap…
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